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a vibrant and diverse multicultural community

we've got space for worship, meditation, prayer and quiet reflection at our faith centres at colchester and southend.

at essex you can find the world in one place. we bring together students and staff from over 130 countries - a vibrant mix of faiths, beliefs and cultural traditions across our three campuses.

we recognise the important role that faith, belief and spirituality plays in the lives of many people. our multi-faith approach to supporting the university community respects and celebrates differences between faiths and beliefs.

our multi-faith spaces at colchester and southend are places of calm and peace - a sanctuary where anyone in our busy university can be still with their thoughts, meditate or pray, alone or with a chaplain. the centre offers a safe place to practise or explore faith, either on campus or by connecting staff or students to a local place of worship.

staff and students may also like to attend one of the services or events in the varied programme, organised by the chaplains or students' union faith societies. 

faith centre update - march 2020

supporting our students and staff

it is a difficult time for us all. many of us will feel afraid. many will also be dealing with very challenging situations, unfortunately, religious services and gatherings are currently suspended at the university , but everyone connected with the faith centre wishes to continue to provide spiritual and pastoral support to students and staff during this period. we invite you to get in touch with us. we are here to help and support you. you don’t have to be religious or want to pray to ask for support from us.

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